Avea Nokia Lumia520 BenimOlsa

Goal (Strategy)
We want to announce to the young customers that Nokia Lumia 520 can be purchased starting from 0 TL from Avea. It was essential to present the colourful and lively world of Windows Mobile interface to this audience who showed no interest in traditional advertising methods.

We aired the first live contest program in Turkey on Twitter. We made a 2.5 meters foam Nokia Lumia 520 and like windows boxes we created gift boxes. Every hour we asked a new question on Twitter with the hastag “#IwishIhad”. Every hour, the best live tweets chosed and Windows Live boxes opened for giving Nokia Lumia 520’s gift on the web site.

Live broadcast was followed by more than 11,000 people during this day. More than 13,000 users, 40,000 tweeted instantly. These tweets viewed by more than 9 million people and displayed 23 million times. “Nokia Lumia 520” and “IwishIhad” entered the list of TT in Twitter organically.

Case Study Video